Recent Papers

Volume 11 - 2021

17. First report of myxomycetes in the karst forest of Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija, Philippines with updates on the limestone-inhabiting myxomycetes of the Philippines
Pecundo MH et al. (2021)

16. Phytochemical distribution, antimicrobial activity, enzyme production of phylogenetically differentiated endophytes from Solanum violaceum Ortega fruits
Manasa AP et al. (2021)

15. Diversity of agaricoid mushrooms in the Afromontane forests of Kedjom-Keku, North West Region, Cameroon
Fungwa FS et al. (2021)

14. Effect of using desert weeds (Chenopodiaceae) as supplements in substrates of Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) production
Abed IA et al. (2021)

13. One new species and two new records of Xylarialean fungi from Andaman Islands, India
Niranjan M et al. (2021)

12. Structural organization of the mating-type locus in Clade 3 of Fusarium solani species complex and development of PCR protocol for identification of MAT idiomorphs
Guimarães SSC et al. (2021)

11. Quality markers as a tool for evaluation of medicinal mushroom, cordyceps during bioprocessing and quality control
Sanyal D, Dey P (2021)

10. Antioxidant activities of fungi inhabiting Ramalina peruviana: insights on the role of endolichenic fungi in the lichen symbiosis
Galinato MGM et al. (2021)

9. Conlarium indicum: A novel fungus from Western Ghats of India
Dubey R, Manikpuri S (2021)

8. Rediscovery of Clathrus argentinus and new contributions to the gasteroid mycobiota of Paraguay
Campi M et al. (2021)

Volume 3 - 2013 - Index

Issue 1

1. Incorporating molecular data in fungal systematics: a guide for aspiring researchers
Hyde KD, Udayanga D, Manamgoda DS, Tedersoo L, Larsson E, Abarenkov K, Bertrand YJK, Oxelman B, Hartmann M, Kauserud H, Ryberg M, Kristiansson E, Nilsson RH
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(1), 1–32, Doi 10.5943/cream/3/1/1

2. Monograph of Cercosporoid fungi from Laos
Phengsintham P, Chukeatirote E, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Braun U
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(1), 34–158, doi 10.5943/cream/3/1/2

3. Fungal colonization and decomposition of submerged woody litter in River Kali of the Western Ghats, India
Sudheep NM, Sridhar KR
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(1), 160–180, doi 10.5943/cream/3/1/3

Issue 2

4. A new species of Poronia from India
Hembrom ME, Parihar A, Das K
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(2), 182–185, doi 10.5943/cream/3/2/1

5. Sex: a welcome frontier in truffle cultivation
Thomas PW
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(2), 187–192, doi 10.5943/cream/3/2/2

6. ITS-based diversity of Colletotrichum from India
Sharma G, Pinnaka AK, Shenoy BD
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(2), 194–220, doi 10.5943/cream/3/2/3

7. Lichens of Gujarat state, India with special reference to coastal habitats
Nayaka S, Ingle KK, Bajpai R, Rawal JR, Upreti DK, Trivedi S
Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology 3(2), 222–229, doi 10.5943/cream/3/2/4

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